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So, you've met Qwerty Robot? Sharp looking robot, isn’t he? He’s sharp in the circuit board, too.

He's our QR Code robot. Always calculating, processing, beep beeping. He’s crazy about making QR codes work right! You’d think he wants QR codes to take over the world. Hmmmmm….. 


What’s Up with QR Codes Anyway?

QR codes — you know, "those square thingies" popping up all over that look like a bunch of ink splots spilled in a perfect square? Yeah those. They’re  a 2D bar code that can be used for mobile marketing. Those little codes connect folks from the physical world to the digital world. Think of them like an online super galactic highway right to your URL!


Ok, so now you know what those buggers are. So what?

Early on, when we were creating QR codes for our clients, we realized there was something missing. It was one thing to create a high-quality vector QR code that gets someone to a destination. But what about generating a high-quality QR code that ALSO had a tracking and reporting system attached to it? Genius! You would know what kind of traffic was on your galactic highway and what was it doing! Great gears! That would be amazing!

Then we began managing multiple QR campaigns and had to give them nicknames just to remember where they went and who used them. Limitations of the human brain, I guess.

We got greedy… we also wanted to change where that code went after the code was already created. Are you kidding me? That’s just too much to ask, but maybe not. That’s where Qwerty Robot came in. Out on his luck… looking for work, it was meant to be. His artificial intelligence and our idea. It was a match made in heaven, or on Mars, or -oh whatever.  So, we said, "Hey Sparky, come work for us!"  And the rest was…the future! The future of dynamic QR code management, that is!

Now, if you don’t have your own robot, you probably don’t know that their wiring gets funky when they’re not working like a machine. They get rusty and ornery and that’s not a happy sight for a robot. So, please put Qwerty Robot to work, or we'll have a robot uprising on our hands!

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Is Qwerty Robot a real machine
or a figment of our overly active imagination?

Only we know for sure, but what’s definitely true is that Response House, with all of cool tools, is the brainchild of the team at Ocreative, a creative + interactive agency in the Milwaukee area. 


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