Dynamic QR Codes

A dynamic QR code is one which allows for the changing or modification of the URL to which the QR code directs users upon scanning. This is achieved by creating a QR code pointing to a short URL which transparently redirects to any desired website URL. It is the management of the short URL the allows the QR code to be dynamic - even though the code itself does not change. The Response House platform provides an integrated short URL generator which every QR code uses when created. Through your free account, you are able to manage the destination URL of the short URL embedded in each of our QR codes.

  • Create the QR code once, edit the destination URL as needed
  • Printed QR codes can be redirected if a URL change is necessary and avoid costly reprints
  • QR codes destinations can be update to reflect website changes
  • Create a QR code with a placeholder URL and update when the destination URL is ready

When Ocreative developed the Response House platform, very few QR code generators were in existance offering high quality vector artwork for QR codes. Nobody was even mentioning or using the term dynamic QR codes at the time. Ocreative took it upon ourselves to create a platform which would do both - provide quality vector QR code artwork files with dynamic URL integration and management.


Sounds awesome, right?

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