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What does Error Correction mean for QR Codes?


Error correction represents the ability for QR Codes to sustain damage (smudges, rips, scuffs, etc.) and continue to be fully functional in the ability to be read and decoded.

There are four levels of error correction used when generating a QR code. The higher the error correction level, the more damage the code may receive and still properly function.

  • Level L – up to 7% damage (Low)
  • Level M – up to 15% damage (Medium-Low)
  • Level Q – up to 25% damage (Medium-High)
  • Level H – up to 30% damage (High)

Lower error correction creates a more compact code that can be printed or reproduced at smaller sizes. Higher error correction increases the number of blocks necessary to produce a code, therefore increasing its overall size.

Error correction is also what allows us to create QR codes that incorporate images, logos or text. Although part of the code is covered up (missing), the code is still fully functional, readable, and decodable. If you are looking to do something creative, use a High level of error correction to ensure maximum

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